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Depeche Mode Elementals released. Get your hands on it!

Just a quick note to remind you that Depeche Mode Elementals, including previously unreleased remixes from Andreaux is out. Get your hands on it HERE (links below).

This release is a massive 4 disc, 40 track compilation featuring brand new remixes based on tracks from the 30 year back catalogue of Depeche Mode. Bringing together some fantastic talent this is intended as a companion piece to the officially released album from Mute.

Here are some direct download links and the final tracklist.


Depeche Mode: Elementals – Earth

01 It’s No Good (Kaiser Mega Boomerang Remix) | Kaiser Soze
02 Route 66 (Saint Ken Reconstruct) | SaintKen
03 Get The Balance Right (Elemental Earth Mix) | Black Sand
04 Tora Tora Tora (Combijn Remix) | Branislav Longauer
05 Policy Of Truth (The djcruMbs Remix) | djcruMbs
06 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Jéss Alèkzandr Elementals Mix) | Jéss Alèkzandr
07 Stripped (HengeDK’s ‘I Got You Stripped Again’) | HengeDK
08 Dressed In Black (Warganization Remix) | Warganization
09 Enjoy The Silence (Naweed Mix) | Naweed
10 Dave Gahan – I Need You (Colorless Sand Full Remix) | Black Sand & Colorless Winter

Elementals – Fire (Front)
Elementals – Fire (Back)

Depeche Mode: Elementals – Fire

01 Photographic (Darkroom Mix) | Dezibel
02 Enjoy The Silence (The djcruMbs Remix) | djcruMbs
03 Halo (ATOM Definitive Glow Mix) | ATOM
04 The Meaning Of Love (Fairly Normal Mix) | Black Sand
05 World In My Eyes (Sightless Mix) | Andreaux
06 Behind The Wheel (The djcruMbs Remix) | djcruMbs
07 But Not Tonight (Colorless Winter Shining In The Sky Mix) | Colorless Winter
08 Personal Jesus (Metamorphosis Mix) | Andreaux
09 Martyr (Dark Dub Mix) | Dezibel
10 Dave Gahan – Kingdom (Kaiser Rosario Club Edit) | Kaiser Soze


Depeche Mode: Elementals – Water

01 World In My Eyes (The djcruMbs Remix) | djcruMbs
02 Miles Away-The Truth Is (Great Grey Owl Mix) | Great Grey Owl
03 Sister Of Night (Kaiser Night Duet Extended Remix) | Kaiser Soze
04 Dangerous (Lake Tranquility Mix) | Black Sand
05 Lie To Me (D58 Extended Mix) | D58
06 Now, This Is Fun (Colorless Winter Remix) | Colorless Winter
07 Something To Do (Civilian Mix) | Janiz
08 In Chains-Told You So (Jerry Jay’s Fallen Angel Remix) | Jerry Jay
09 Ice Machine (Colorless Winter The Air We Breathe Remix) | Colorless Winter
10 Martin L Gore – By This River (Lazy Summer’s Day Remix) | Black Sand


Depeche Mode: Elementals – Air

01 Ghost (Elektronic Mix) | DJ DGM
02 Strangelove (Simultaneous Charm Dub) | D58
03 Enjoy the Silence ( DaTa Short Cut Faithless Mix ) | Data
04 Fly On The Windscreen (Great Grey Owl Mix) | Great Grey Owl
05 In Chains (MMC Perfect Chains Remix) | Koen Kroeze For MMC Productions
06 Something To Do (J*3 Mix) | D58
07 Blasphemous Rumors (Jéss Alèkzandr Remix) | Jéss Alèkzandr
08 Stripped (Jaywalker Remix) | Jaywalker
09 Macro (Wave Damage Instrumental Remix) | Jerry Jay
10 Recoil – Faith Healer (The Divine Blessing) | Black Sand

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