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World In My Eyes (DaMaged Mix)

We’ve just released a cover remix of World In My Eyes by Depeche Mode that I have done for DaMage, a DM Cover Band. I’m really excited about this track since DaMage is a great band and I really like what they’re doing. All instruments have ben reengineered from ground up using analog sound sources and some Emulator samples. Guitars were original DaMage recordings at a certain point 🙂 DaMage fans will agree with me that this cover puts things in whole new colours.

The World In My Eyes (DaMaged Mix) is featured on the band’s EP “That’s All There Is” and is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Be sure to check out my other adaptation of this cover, the World In My Eyes (Sightless mix) released on the Depeche Mode Elementals (Fire) disc with original vocals by Dave Gahan.

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